Grants Update
There is over $16,000 left in the District Grant funds.
The District grant must, provide a new humanitarian benefit, provide significant Rotarian involvement and provide Rotary identification and recognition. The project completion date and final report must be by June 30, 2018.  Applications must be typed and completed by the first of the month. Sponsoring club must contribute $1,000.00.
In order for our club to be eligible next year to participate in Rotary’s Grant program, we must send someone to the Grant Management Seminar (GMS). The 2018 schedule is out. The closest one to us will be held in St. Cloud, space in limited. (Thursday 5/3/2018, Courtyard by Marriott, 4:30-9:00, Thursday, registration limited to 25, last scheduled class )Please contact Mary or Grant and go to the district website for additional information.
Spring will soon be upon us and volunteers will be needed to help clear the trails for the Mountain Bike project in Barsness Park. (That's our "hands-on sweat equity" for the project).  More information to come!  Thank you Glenwood Rotary for being “People of Action.”
February Board Meeting 
Board Meeting 

Membership –  There will be two new member orientation sessions held February 23: Noon at Lakeside and 5:00 at Captains.  Members new to the Club in the last three years are asked to sign up for one of the two sessions.

Foundation – Kevin Klimek:  Tim Murphy District 5950 Governor possibly will be guest speaker March 6.  We will have four Paul Harris awards to present at that time.

Programs – Amy Roers:  Have programs through March 6.

International – Amy Roers:  Need to discuss end of the year party for foreign exchange student – Ako.  Next year’s student will be from Spain. We need a couple more team members on this committee.  We should also publicize the Summer Exchange Program at the School.  

Friendship Exchange to Brazil:  They will visit us in the Spring; we will visit them in November.  Interest is in IT, medical, health and education.  We will have a speaker  here on April 10 on this topic.

Community – Laura Nordstrom:  Rotary’s focus for the next several years is on sex trafficking.  Laura has been designated the “champion” of Glenwood Rotary.  This is a 3-year commitment.  She will be attending the Rotary Trafficking Summit on February 23.

District Conference on May 21 will be doing a project called “Done-in-a-Day” making Cornerstone Dignity Bags for victims of human trafficking.  They want to create 1000 of these bags which contain toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, soap, shampoo, conditioner, tissues, lotion, and non-perishable food items.  Rotary would like each club to donate 250 items.  Laura will reach out to the dentist office to see if they would be willing to donate toothbrushes and toothpaste.  Laura will work with Dane Ankeny on a Thrivent Action Grant that will give us $250 that perhaps we can partner with Tom’s for discounted prices on the items.  We will target April 24 as the celebration date for this event.

ASAP (Against Substance Abuse in Pope County) would like to present at one of our meetings.  Their focus is on marijuana use in children and youth.  Laura will contact them with possible dates.

Vocational – Jeanne Kramer:  Uganda project has been delayed from leaving on February 12 to sometime in May.  

Club - open:  This person would oversee the lobster feed, Christmas party and other social events. 

Upcoming Events:  Grant Herfindahl will be attending PETS training March 8 – 10.  We are looking for a Vice President and the position following that. 

New Business:

Corporate Membership:  We allow spouses to be joint members of Rotary with each paying dues and only one being charged for lunch unless both attend the meeting and would both be charged.  The question has been brought up if we should also do this for businesses that have more than one person attending.  There was much discussion on this topic and it was decided to bring this to the members.  Amy will schedule April 17 as “You Better Be Here” for the topic of discussion.  Mary and Grant will handle the program.

Easter Egg Hunt:  The Jaycees would like us to take over the Easter egg hunt in Barsness Park.  It would cost us $1000 which is not in our budget.  Mary will talk to them to see if they will fund the event and offer some help for this year.  This could give us a chance to get some Jaycee members into Rotary.

Next meeting:  MONDAY, MARCH 12 at 12:00 noon at The Village Bar & Grill



Glenwood Rotary TV
Something New.
We are still working on improving the sound, please bear with us.
The last meeting video is over 30 minutes long. It's the meeting without the food and jokes. If this is too long for your enjoyment, please let me know. Your input is invaluable.
Over the next few meeting we will be experimenting with the concept of videoing our meeting and putting it on the website. The video will first come out on our website under the latest eMinnewaska, late Tuesday or Wednesday. An email copy will be sent over the weekend. The eMinnewaska will be update as needed on the website but only be mailed over the weekend.
If you would like to run a video ad please contact Lloyd Campbell.
Dorrich Dairy, Making A Difference
Mid-Term District Assembly
Follow up on the Mid-Term Assembly 
Changes in the Federal Tax Law
3 Point Shot
Winterama's chili cook-off People's Choice Award
Hats off to Ako, Marin and Chad for bring home the bacon or the chili in this case, as the People's Choice Award in the Winterama Chili Cook-off.
Watch Marin tell how the winning event unfolded.

Fellow member, Jordan McMahon asked our club to create a team to make chili for Winterama's chili cook-off  held this past Saturday, and we WON!!  Great Job!! Any chili for lunch?
If you would like to see more pictures from the event, check out our Facebook page.
New Member Summit Date Set
In order to accommodate as many new members as possible the Summit will be held at two different times at two different locations, noon February 23rd at Lakeside (you can buy-order food from the menu) and Captain’s 5-7pm that afternoon. Please RSVP, contact Dane or sign up online.
Over the past three years, we added over 20 new members. It's time to make Glenwood Rotary Club your club, get engage, take on a leadership role and plan to take steps to shape the future of our organization. That is the purpose of the summit, to provide you a list of engagement opportunities as well as your feedback on how we can improve the club experience. The summit will take place in February. This will be a social event where fellowship will be promoted. Please contact Dane or sign up online.
Curt Ogdahl: 2018 Tax Law Updates
Big changes in the tax law.  Curt Ogdahl reviewed with the club changes in the Federal Tax Law. If you like to see the complete presentation check out Glenwood Rotary TV
The New GMS Schedule is out for 2018
In order for our club to be eligible to participate in Rotary’s Grant program, we must send someone to the Grant Management Seminar (GMS). The 2018 schedule is out. The closest one to us will be held in St. Cloud, space in limited. (Thursday 5/3/2018, Courtyard by Marriott, 4:30-9:00, Thursday, registration limited to 25, last scheduled class )Please contact Mary or Grant and go to the district website for additional information.
Ako Basketball and Sporting Events
Photo of parent night after the Jv game.
See Ako 3 point shot on Glenwood Rotary TV.

Senior night is coming up, in which the team plays Montevideo on Tuesday Feb. 20th and is there last scheduled season game. She will be recognized as a senior player that night.

Thank you for your support of our exchange student.

Spain, The Country of our next Exchange Student
I just received an email stating that our next Exchange Student will be coming from Spain
Let’s continue the process of looking for host families for next year.
Please Update Your Profile 
As we move forward with our social media program and our efforts to communicate effectively in a timely manner, it is imperative that our rotary profiles are up to date. Photos, emails, current phone numbers and addresses need to be checked and updated.  Please log on to your rotary account and make sure your information is correct. Photos can be taken at club meeting or you can email Lloyd a copy of a photo. If you need assistance please contact Pam, Lloyd or come to the New Member Summit for a log in review.
Rotary Friendship Exchange to Brazil  UPDATE
Travel to Brazil with us for 10 days during the first and second week of November, 2018.
This trip will be in conjunction with the Rotary District in the State of Parana, Brazil.
Our team will be going to the second most visited place in Brazil: IGUASSU FALLS.
Major cities to visit:will include:
Foz do Ignacio: Iguassu Falls, Itaipu Dam, Bird Park, and spend a day in a Rotarian Resort...(3 to 4 day visit)
Cascavel: University, Software Companies, Medical Center and an agricultural area. Also a brewery!....(3 to 4 days)
Toledo & Marechal Candido Rondom: 2 small towns that hold a lot of history. They have charming Italian and German heritage.
Guarapuava, one of the oldest cities in Brazil.
There will be opportunity to visit Rotary service projects.
We will stop in Rio de Janeiro, with a road trip to beach areas to Pantanal where you can relax, fish and enjoy the local habitat.
Sam Dalal, who is putting this trip together, will be coming to our club in April as a speaker to tell us more about Friendship Exchange.
A Day and Done / Opioid Awareness Overdose Workshop
Get engaged in the District Conference celebration in the Done-In-A-Day Project and the Opioid Awareness Overdose Workshop. The Done in a Day project will need additional funding and supplies to help supply items to stuff the bags.  The goal is to create 1,000 care packages for victims of sex trafficking.   There will also be a workshop on Opioid Awareness. The Guthrie Theater on May 21 is the date and location of the next District Conference. You can go to the district website or contact Lloyd for additional information.
Feb 20, 2018
Amy Reinecke: Tobacco 21, Horizon Public Health
Feb 27, 2018
Tim Mulcrone: Rotary District Chair, Polio Plus
Mar 06, 2018
Jim Nelson or Tim Murphy: Rotary Foundation
Mar 13, 2018
Mar 20, 2018
Mar 27, 2018
Apr 03, 2018
Apr 10, 2018
Sam Dalai: Rotary Friendship Exchange Program
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