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May Board Meeting Highlights & Mobile Food Drop!
Rotary Board Meeting 5-10- 17 updates and other current events:
Director Updates
  • NEW Signs have been ordered
  • We are working on grant for the Park bike trail 
  • May 23, after meeting, we will clean up Rotary node. (this is the same day we help plant flowers before the meeting).
  • Membership: New member approved, Marin Rajdi, and 2 applications are currently out.
  • Dan O’Brien from the district foundation talked to us about joining the 5059 foundation and making our funding raising tax deductible.
  • Uganda update--talk to Jeannie for details!
  • Working on developing a local speaker group to aid members in locating good programs. More to come.
  • Award Banquet will be June 27th
  • Lobster Feast is coming up in Late Aug.
  • Leadership positions are available! Vice President/Program Director, Club, Social Media Director, see Mary.
  • Looking for volunteers for summer programs, road race, pancake breakfast, rose sale
  • Rotary was at the United Parish from 10:00 until 1:30 (from start to finish)
  • 10:00-12:00 Class on what to do and food set up
  • 12:00-1:30 help provided food for 78 families
  • Contact Pastor Laura and click this Facebook link for more details!
the website for additional information or contact Lloyd or Amy.
American Association for Runic Studies at Rotary!
Lorraine Jensen, founder and president of American Association for Runic Studies, spoke at Rotary on Tuesday.
Lorraine is originally from Alexandria and was inspired to start AARS by the Kensington Runestone!
Lorraine give a great presentation about the connection between ancient Viking runes and the current Minnesota Vikings football team.
She is collaborating with a professor at Uppsala Univerisitet in Uppsala, Sweden, where most of the runestones have been found. Lorraine does guest speaking and events, and her website is .
Here, Lorraine is pictured answering questions with Rotarian of the Month Dennis Martinson!
Rotarian of the Month: Dennis Martinson!
May's Rotarian of the Month is Dennis Martinson! Dennis is a Glenwood Rotary Charter member since 1965 and current Chairman of the Board at Glenwood State Bank.
Dennis was born in Benson, Minnesota and moved at 3 1/2 years old to a farm 12 miles west of Glenwood. Dennis spent 8 years at country school about 10 miles west of Glenwood and went to Starbuck h.s. freshman year and last three years went to Glenwood and graduated in 1959. 
A week after graduating, Dennis went into MN national guard active duty for six months--starting at Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri.
A week after that, Dennis started working at Glenwood State Bank. Busy guy!!
Dennis has been a Rotary Member since 1965. In fact, he was a Charter member. In 1968-69 Dennis served as president of Rotary. 26 year old president! How about that?
1971, Dennis (29) and a couple older fellows purchased controlling ownership of Glenwood State Bank. Over the years, he acquired all shares of the bank which is now fully family-owned.
Favorite Rotary memories: in addition to the fellowship and friendship of the meetings, other highlights for Dennis include 25 straight years of perfect attendance (1969-94) and he has visited Rotary clubs all around the world, including make-ups at the Alexandria Rotary club, where he also made some good friends.
Dennis also enjoyed serving as our Youth Exchange Officer and coordinating host families with 15 students over a 20 year period. He has enjoyed the friendships made from this.
Dennis enjoyed the Group Study Exchange Programs, hosting a Rotarian and five other professionals from countries around the world. Through those connections, we had a group of eight Rotarians that traveled to Thailand and visited the Group Study Exchange participants. These eight Rotarians visited Rotary clubs in and around Bangkok, Thailand.
Dennis still enjoys Rotary today and encouraging new folks to join the club and welcoming them into the Glenwood club! Dennis enjoys being part of an active club that does a great job in our community!
Community involvement has been huge for Dennis:
  • active participation and leadership in our Glenwood Jaycees, regional and state Jaycee organizations.
  • served on boards and committees of both the Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota and the Independent Community Bankers of America making great friendships with many bankers around Minnesota and nationally. 
  • served as Chairman of the ICB State Association in 2013 to 2014.
  • served about 20 years on our Glacial Ridge Hospital District board and Glacial Ridge Hospital Foundation board for many of those years as Chairman or Vice Chairman.
  • served many years on the board of directors of the Glenwood Development Corporation.
  • a member of Glenwood Lutheran Church for 50 years also serving on boards there as well.
  • been on many committees to raise large amounts of money for various major community projects.
Fun facts: in 57 years at Glenwood State Bank, Dennis is very proud that his children and their spouses are all involved today in the operation. It's very satisfying to him to work closely with them and having his grandchildren living within a 20 minute drive. He gives credit to his first-wife Ruth (from Lake Park, Minnesota)--they were married in 1966 and had three children, Kirsten Martinson Nelson, Kari Martinson Nelson, and Paul Martinson--Ruth passed away from cancer in 1994 and Dennis re-married Karen (Hustad) in 2001 from Glenwood--an old high school classmate!
For those of you who are wondering, Dennis and Karen never dated in high school. Dennis always had respect for Karen and her family. Dennis really enjoys the family connections and knowing multiple generations of people throughout the area. He enjoys staying connected and Rotary is a great way to stay connected in the community! 
Final quote from Dennis: "I have been very blessed to be part of this great community."