She's Back, an Uganda Project Update
We have had great success as a club with fundraising for the Uganda Project, thanks to the efforts of Jeanne Kramer!
Jeanne is doing more then just fundraising, she has "booths on the ground" and for the past 10 days Jeanne has been in Uganda working on the project first hand. 
Rotary Clean Up
Board Meeting
Board Meeting 
The Board approved a change in our membership pay option. We will now provide a "Pay As You Go" option for meals. Please attend Tuesday meeting for details.
Upcoming Meeting Responsibilities 
DATES               Greeter               Invocation          
July 17th         Bob Bowlin             Jeanne Kramer
July 24th       Heather Kohlhagen  Michael Claunch
Youth Exchange Updates
Ako is home! She had a wonderful year..."this was the best year of my life."  We should think the members of Glenwood Rotary for making this happen.
Our next student will be from Spain. If you know of someone that would be a great host family, please let us know.
Check out Facebook for more pictures and comments.
Do you have an Idea for a Project?
Planning for next year  Our new member, Dr. Haus attended the Grant Management Seminar (GMS) last Thursday which makes the club eligible next year to participate in Rotary’s Grant program. If you have an idea for a district or international project please contact Grant or Mary for more information.
Spring will soon be upon us and volunteers will be needed to help clear the trails for the Mountain Bike project in Barsness Park. Contact Dr. Haus  for more information.(That's our "hands-on sweat equity" for the project).  Thank you Glenwood Rotary for being “People of Action.”
A Day and Done / Opioid Awareness Overdose Workshop
The Guthrie Theater on May 21 is the date and location of the next District Conference. You can go to the district website or contact Lloyd for additional information.
The Online Curriculum on The Opioid Crisis is up and running.  The link is,
Learn about the opioid crisis in our community, as well as :Overdose prevention, safe disposal of opioids, overdose prevention, safe prevention guidelines, pain management and treatment and intervention options. 
Get engaged in the District Conference celebration in the Done-In-A-Day Project and the Opioid Awareness Overdose Workshop. The Done in a Day project will need additional funding and supplies to help supply items to stuff the bags.  The goal is to create 1,000 care packages for victims of sex trafficking.   There will also be a workshop on Opioid Awareness. 

Becca Zwonitzer spoke about substance abuse in Pope county, ASAP, and the efforts being made the reduce the use of harmful drugs among our teenage population. ASAP
Please Update Your Profile 
As we move forward with our social media program and our efforts to communicate effectively in a timely manner, it is imperative that our rotary profiles are up to date. Photos, emails, current phone numbers and addresses need to be checked and updated.  Please log on to your rotary account and make sure your information is correct. Photos can be taken at club meeting or you can email Lloyd a copy of a photo. If you need assistance please contact Pam, Lloyd or come to the New Member Summit for a log in review.
Jul 24, 2018
Waterama Brass and Royalty
Aug 07, 2018
Kersten Kappmeyer, Pope County Coordinator
Aug 14, 2018
Minnewaska Mentorship: Kari Nelson
Aug 21, 2018
Jennifer Larson, Faythe Mills: local arthur and illustrator of Book: How I met Harv
Aug 28, 2018
Sep 04, 2018
Sep 11, 2018
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