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Timothy Asche
February 7
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February 26
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Grant K Herfindahl
February 26, 2004
13 years
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Stensrud, Larry
Schmidt, Gregory
Reporter/Photographer/Public Relations
Douglass, Tim
Erickson, Pamela
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Roers, Amy
Erickson, Pamela
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Roth, Todd
Social Media Director
Peters, Benjamin
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
A Gynecologic Cancer Overview by Dr. Campbell

Gynecologic Cancer an Overview

    As part of our mission this year to empower women Dr. Campbell gave us an overview of the symptoms, test and treatment for several types of Gynecologic Cancers. In this abbreviate version of the sell out talk she gave earlier this year at Glacial Ridge Hospital, Dr. Campbell covered Cervical, Ovarian, Uterine, Vaginal and Vulvar Cancer and her travels in Spain, all in less then 30 minutes.  A Gynecologic Cancer Symptoms Diary (pictured above, can be download from our website) was given out, summed up the key points of her talk. This handout can also be used to monitor symptoms so you can seek medical attention early. The full version of her talk will be given later this year at Glacial Ridge Hospital.
Time Survey
Go to this link and take a three (3) minutes survey about our meeting times. (The survey link will only work on the emailed eBulletin. It will not work in the Glenwood Rotary website version.)  This is one way we are trying to make your Rotary experience better. At the end of each questions there will be a bubble icon, if you click on it, you can add your additional comments to your answer. Thank you.
Central Square Special Event Pass
Two Free General Admission Special Event Passes will be raffled off at the next meeting, Valentine's Day February 14th.
Board Meeting
These are notes from February's board meeting and does not represent the official minutes of the meeting.
Some of the information may represent conversations held after the meeting but the intent is to give you a broad view of the business aspect of the club. The official minutes of last month's meeting will be found in the log in section of the website.
Amy will act as temporary Program Chair. Members should be ready to put together programs in early April. Amy will be contacting the club members in the following weeks. Ben will be taking charge of our Social Media presents, with the aid of Pam, Jon, Tim and Lloyd, and will be looking into steps to help re-brand our club as a vibrant, youthful club. He will be attending a Rotary public image workshop over the weekend. We gave the OK to purchase new indoor signs for our club, review spouse membership( which may require a change in the by-laws) and play an active role in the upcoming United Way Food Drop as a possible Rotary project. We also had an open discussion on developing our own foundation and what should the next steps be to re-start the Youth Exchange program in Glenwood. We took volunteer to attend the Grant Writing Seminar.  (Laura, Amy, Jeanne and Lloyd volunteered)  Our International Project,Uganda, took central stage. Who will be going and will the club be willing to pay?  We still need less then $1,000 to buy a house in Uganda. Keep the donations coming!  The upcoming Lobster Feast and Award Banquet was discussed as to possible dates and locations. It was decided that the group in charge of the Lobster Feast should select a date and that the Award Banquet be a separate event held in June. All snowbird's request were granted. More details will be made available in the upcoming minutes.
T-shirts are in!!
Come and pickup your Glenwood Rotary T-shirt at rotary meeting. Please sign your name and the size of the T-shirt on the sheet provided.  There is no cost to you. Thanks!