Mar 21, 2017
Minnewaska Area Schools Modern Manufacturing Initi
Mar 28, 2017
Club Public Relation
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Member Birthdays
Fred Wittenberg
March 4
Rod Olson
March 22
David Thompson
March 23
Gregory Schmidt
March 27
Dane Ankeny
March 31
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Rodney Roers
March 7
Felix Blanco
Maggie Blanco
March 9
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Tim Douglass
March 16, 2005
12 years
Nan Haggerty
March 17, 2010
7 years
Kevin Klimek
March 20, 2001
16 years
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Planting, Placing and Watering Glenwood Pots
Feb 27, 2017 12:45 PM –
Oct 21, 2017 12:45 PM
Minnewaska Area Schools Modern Manufacturing Initi
Lakeside Ballroom
Mar 21, 2017
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
District Conference/ Celebration for the Year
The Westin Hotel- Edina Galleria
Apr 28, 2017
7:30 AM – 4:00 PM
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Stensrud, Larry
Claunch, Michael
Reporter/Photographer/Public Relations
Douglass, Tim
Erickson, Pamela
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Roers, Amy
Erickson, Pamela
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Roth, Todd
Social Media Director
Peters, Benjamin
Russell Hampton
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Rod Olson: Generous Winner!
This Tuesday, February 28, your big winner was Rod Olson! Rod pulled a card for $130.

Rod was very generous to donate his winnings to the Uganda housing project! We all hope he wins again.
Jeanne announced the current fundraising status for Uganda at the beginning of Rotary. With collaboration from some generous Rotary members including Mary Krueger, President Lloyd, and many others, Jeanne was able to match a $100 challenge from an anonymous member and more--raising $270 in the meeting! Great job Jeanne, and thanks to all generous members who contributed to the effort!
Members Greg Schmidt and Mary Krueger shared happy bucks. Greg has a good sense of humor, and Mary's son is halfway to his CPA license!
Member Dane Ankeny had the heart to tell us that he welcomed the wife of the coach of the kid who beat him in the State wrestling championship final (back in 1994) as a guest to Rotary today. If Rotary ever has a wrestling tournament, we know who the first person we will nominate to represent us will be.
Rotary Meets at Central Square
This Tuesday, February 28, Glenwood Rotary met at Central Square for lunch and a tour of the facilities.
Cheryl Larson gave a tour and explained the various changes (as she put it, "if you haven't been to Central Square for the last three years, you haven't seen Central Square.") Cheryl started the tour in the auditorium. Fun fact--the Auditorium is the largest between St. Cloud and the Fargo Area--can someone fact-check that?! The halls were lined with beautiful paintings, many of which are currently for sale. Last month, Central Square generated over $1,000 in painting sales. Larson discussed the many uses for different rooms within Central Square (tae-kwon-do, tennis, non-profit meeting rooms) and spoke briefly on the upcoming Concert Series. Surely you will not want to miss performances covering The Carpenters and Elvis Presley.
Part of the tour included a discussion of some spaces that may be used for "city hall" purposes. Glenwood Mayor Scott Formo came to the meeting to answer questions and provide information. Other local government officials, Mavis Pattee and Rotary member David Iverson, were also present. We are very happy to hear that Central Square will not be demolished! 
Below, Larson is engaging in friendly banter with President Lloyd.
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And here are some paintings on the wall:
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Flower Pots
Please don't forget about the flower pots this year.  Of all the things we did last year, our efforts to maintain the flower pots received the most city wide attention. What can we do to top last year's accomplishment? I am sure, if we continue to work with the city and the chambers, there will be some new ideas to make it better.
Board Meeting
Board meeting is coming up soon (March 8th,12 noon at Lakeside) and the agenda is filling up. If there are some important issues you would like to bring before the board, please contact Lloyd. We will be discussing, leadership positions, spouse membership, changes in the flower pots arrangements and the Uganda trip among other things.  A full agenda will be posted by the 6th of March.