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Minnewaska Dance at Rotary!
The Minnewaska Laker Dance Team, founded in 2016, spoke at Rotary on Tuesday.
Head Coach Tana Ziesmer talked about her experience with coaching in Alexandria and Fergus Falls before joining Minnewaska.
The Minnewaska School Board voted to fund all aspects of the Dance Team except uniform costs.
The team needs a total of $2600 for the uniforms and Rotary will consider contributing. Uniforms are supposed to last for two seasons.
Here is a picture of Coach Ziesmer speaking. Also in the picture: the new Rotary banner!
Notes from the April Board Meeting
To reiterate what we discussed at the Board Meeting in April:
The major theme at the Board Meeting was “SERVICE ABOVE SELF.” 
Over the next few months we will need volunteers!

We need volunteers to head up the Strive Program, Clean up the Rotary Node, mentors for the
two new members, upcoming May 11 food drop, planters (planting the plants and watering),
Youth Exchange Family, Youth Exchange Officer, Youth Councilor Program, Uganda trip, Award
Banquet, Grant management workshop ( 4/19, 4/22, 5/4), District Conference, and the Lobster feast.
WOW! That's a lot. Don't worry, we're not asking you to do everything. Of course, you can if you want to. :)

Here at Rotary we pride ourselves on going above and beyond the call of duty to help our community, so we really appreciate everyone's support and time.
Find a few things you are interested in and we will find a way so that you can meaningfully contribute.

Looking for leadership opportunities? We need people in charge of the following positions and programs:
Social media director, Vice President/Program Chair, Pancake breakfast and Road race, Rotary sign on the hill replaced after Waterama.
Information about the different projects and signup sheets will be on the website and in
handouts during the upcoming meetings, so you can read all about your opportunities to get involved!
Additionally, the Secretary Report and Treasurer Report are on the website.

We dropped the 104Road cleanup project.

We added a new feature in The eMinnewaskan, Member of the month. Get ready to read about some of Pope County's most famous!

We will be extending the newsletters to past members and interested parties, with email

We discussed adding healthy food options to lunch menu (chicken, salad).

We also discussed inviting new members to take advantage of the Foundation sign up program.
Any questions, reach out and we can clarify!
Uganda Project Update
We have had great success as a club with fundraising for the Uganda Project, thanks to the efforts of Jeanne Kramer!
Jeanne shared that Scott from St. Louis Park is back in Minnesota, but Tabitha is still over in Uganda. The Septic system is up, the land is cleared, and they are making progress!
Here's a picture from the project. Beautiful, right?
Special thanks to Jeanne and we look forward to seeing the contribution Glenwood Rotary has made in Uganda.
Barsness Park Bike Trail
Local bicycle enthusiasts talk about a single-track mountain bike trail around Barsness Park in Glenwood.
Dr. Tom Haus, Jim Beck, Jeff Brand and Ralph Gaffaney, all local bicycle enthusiasts, were at Tuesday’s Glenwood Rotary meeting to discuss adding a single-track mountain bike trail at Barsness Park.  Jeff Brand of Alexandria talked about how that city has embraced and pursued such trails at Kennington park in the Alexandria area and said he would help work with getting a trail set up in Glenwood.  Dr. Haus talked about the health benefits of biking for youth and adults and Jim Beck talked about the plan to design the trail and get started working on it within the year. He also talked about the economic benefits for the community if a “destination bike trail” were built here.   Ralph Gaffaney brought his fat-tire bike for Rotarians to view and some took the time to give it a test ride after the meeting.
Tim Douglass and President Lloyd Campbell are beginning to work on seeking a Rotary grant to cover the design of the bike trail at the park with hopes off placing a sign crediting Rotary International and Glenwood Rotary at the bike trail head, much like what was done at the walking trail at Barsness Park.