Jan 31, 2017
Days for Girls International
Feb 07, 2017
Feb 14, 2017
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Upcoming Events
Midterm Assembly
Earle Brown Center
Jan 28, 2017
7:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Days for Girls International Sew-A-Thon
Glenwood United Parish Church
Jan 31, 2017
5:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Glenwood Rotary Board Meeting
Lakeside Ballroom
Feb 08, 2017
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Meeting Responsibilities
Redding, Alissa
Nordstrom, Laura
Reporter/Photographer/Public Relations
Douglass, Tim
Erickson, Pamela
Program Chair
Campbell, Lloyd
Erickson, Pamela
Sergeant at Arms
Roth, Todd
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
STRIVE for Excellence
Youth mentoring is a key part of many Rotary clubs’ service efforts.  What better way have we to make an impact upon our communities, an impact that will last for generations to come!
STRIVE is a youth mentoring program that was developed by White Bear Lake Rotarian Don Mooney.  He started the program in his local high school, and soon thereafter his Rotary club picked up on it.  Since that time STRIVE has migrated to Rotary clubs throughout the world.
While STRIVE and other youth mentoring programs will vary from club to club, a common STRIVE model includes:
  • inviting the bottom third of the high school senior class to be matched with a Rotary mentor,
  • meeting at a STRIVE group at the school monthly,
  • awarding scholarships based upon % improvement in cumulative GPA
  • holding an awards banquet for STRIVE students and their families.
Each year those clubs managing a STRIVE program will experience at least a few real life-changing turnarounds for their students.  One student, when asked by a Rotarian what about the STRIVE program worked for her, answered: “My parents knew I was a loser, my counselors knew I was a loser, my teachers knew I was a loser…but you didn’t.”
Days for Girls International

Days for Girls International empowers women and girls around the globe providing sustainable feminine hygiene solutions and health education. Judy Johnson will be speaking at our club on January 31 about empowering women on the international level. After the rotary meeting, there will be a  Sew-A-Thon at Glenwood United Parish Church from 5:00 pm til 7:30 pm, refreshment will be served. The Sew-A-Thon will give you the opportunity to make and assemble some of the sustainable feminine hygiene products that will be donated to young girls in third world countries around the world. (You do not need to know how to saw, just have a passion to help empower young girls and women from around the world)

Six Month Progress Report
"Where are we and what are we about to become?"  This was the topic of our chapter's six month review.  We have done a lot over these past few months but we also have a long way to go.  
Days before our fund raising season began, twenty two members of our club met in a conference room at Lakeside Ballroom to discuss what direction the club should take in the upcoming months. Out of that meeting came four areas of focus with several key objectives within each area, all to be completed by the end of the Rotary year. A Power Point presentation was given by the President, with photos high lighting the past six (6) months, at the midway point of the year detailing our accomplishments.  So far we have completed two(2) of the five(5) topics under Global Community, two(2) out of five(5) topics in Glenwood Community, three and half(3.5) out of six(6) under Effective Partnerships and three(3) out of eight(8) under Club Culture.
Wow, well done!! Over the next six months some of the more challenging objective will be ahead of us. So lets don't let the short days and cold nights keep us from reaching our goals.
I would like to thank the club for all the hard work you have done in the past and about to do. smiley
January Board Meeting
Our first board meeting of the year was held this week and several things were discussed.
Minutes from December's board meeting can be found in the log in section of the website but here are some key points from the January meeting. (Board meeting minutes on the website will be a month behind.)  Fred Wittenberg resigned as vice president and program chair. We approved donation request from The Laker's Dance team, Winterama, Center Square, and The Baseball field. We completed our obligation to the Baseball field a year early.  We need more active support for the Strive Program.  We meet with the students at the High School on the second Thursday of the month at 11:45. Talk to Mike Claunch about programs and room location. The Youth Exchange and Business Exchange program will be reviewed in the future with greater details. We are moving forward with updating our indoor and outdoor signage.  The new member mentorship program is in its early stages with good reviews.  We are looking for members to attend the upcoming Midterm Assembly in the cities and the RI meeting in Atlanta. Days for Girls International is the next big local event for our club.  We need to get Pope County involved.  Details can be found in the eBulletin and on the website.