New Meeting Location
This Tuesday our meeting will be held at a different location. Central Square Downtown Box Office, 18 East Minnesota Avenue, same time.  Make sure you've put in your food request with David Peterson (320-634-4948). Box lunches will be provided.
Bike Grant
Single-track, off-road bicycle trail in City's Barsness Park. Tim nailed it in his presentation to the grant committee when he said "when something needs to be done in the city they come to Rotary to get it done."  The checkbook flew open. Thanks Tim for all your hard work on this project, so far.  We still need to put in our sweat equity and complete the report by June 1. Our contribution is $1,000.00, the District total is $3,000.00 the Bike club is putting in $500.00. The total will cover the cost of the professional design plans by an engineering firm that specializes in bike trail design.
Rotary Food Drop
It was the largest Food drop to date, 96 families received food supplied by Rotary. 
Thanks to the Social Media Group
"Service Above Self"
Thank you to the members of the Glenwood Rotary Club who volunteered to develop our social media present.
Jordan A. McMahon
Tim Douglass
Marin Rajdi
Pamela Erickson
Lloyd Campbell
If you are looking for a way to put "Service Above Self", please let Lloyd know. We are planning to have only only group meeting in person and everything else online.
Glenwood Rotary News
1.  Orders are to be in by October 18 (Today)and delivered on October 26. Check out the ad in the Pope County Tribune.
2. Looking for volunteers for the Ethics Program, Nov 7th at the Lakeside Ballroom. Sign up sheet online. Contact Dick or Lloyd
3. Get Active and Learn More About Glenwood Rotary!
Get active and learn more about Glenwood Rotary! Sign up for one of our committees, Club, Membership, Community, Foundation, International, Vocational and Programs. See Mary or one of the program chairs for
Membership--------Dane Ankeny
Community----------Laura Nordstrom
Foundation----------Kevin Klimek
International--------Amy Roers
Vocational-----------Jeanne Kramer
Program Chair------Amy Roers*
5. Youth Exchange Family...We have (2) two host family for our Youth Exchange Student, we need (1) one more families to complete the year.  Please contact either Lloyd or Amy for additional leads or information.
Rotarian of the Month

Rotarian of the Month 

Who is this guy?  Find out next week when he tells us a little about himself.


Oct 17, 2017
Box Office: off site meeting at the Box Office, 18 E Minnesota Ave, Glenwood
Oct 24, 2017
Central Lakes Symphony Orchestra
Oct 31, 2017
Nov 07, 2017
Nov 14, 2017
Nov 21, 2017
Nov 28, 2017
Dec 05, 2017
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Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Merle Wagner
October 1
Nan Haggerty
October 9
Todd Roth
October 16
Chad Quelle
October 25
Dave Iverson
October 30
Spouse Birthdays
Jon Blocher
October 29
Dane Ankeny
Elizabeth Ankeny
October 7
Amy Roers
Rodney Roers
October 21
Join Date
Jeremy Myrom
October 1, 2000
17 years
Amy Roers
October 16, 2002
15 years
David Thompson
October 16, 2003
14 years
Todd Roth
October 16, 2002
15 years
David Peterson
October 17, 2007
10 years
Benjamin Peters
October 18, 2016
1 year
Joseph Schneiderhan
October 18, 2016
1 year
Upcoming Events
Rose Sale
Lakeside Ballroom
Oct 18, 2017 – Oct 26, 2017
Ethics Program
Lakeside Ballroom
Nov 08, 2017
7:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Meeting Responsibilities
Rankin, Chip
Nordstrom, Laura
Reporter/Photographer/Public Relations
Douglass, Tim
Erickson, Pamela
Program Chair
Roers, Amy
Erickson, Pamela
Sergeant at Arms
Roth, Todd
Social Media Director
Campbell, Lloyd
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.