What is STRIVE?
Strive is a scholarship program that recognizes and rewards students from the lower one-fourth of the senior class who show improvement in their class standing. The winners of the Scholarships are determined by the net increase in their GPA from the end of their junior year to the third quarter of their senior year and have attended and actively participated in all scheduled Strive meetings. 
  • Highest Percentage GPA Increase $500.00 Scholarship
  • Second Highest Percentage Increase $250.00 Scholarship
All remaining students who show improvement in their GPA from the end of their junior year to the third quarter of their senior year and have attended and actively participated in all scheduled Strive meetings:
  • Completion Certificate $100 Scholarship
How STRIVE Works
Strive is a motivational program targeted to high school seniors who want to improve their present grades. The Strive program has a proven track record of helping students, the school, and the community. Together, Rotary, community businesses and organizations, and your local school can make a difference in the lives of one of the most valuable resources in the community.

Students in the lower one-fourth of the class often have the same natural abilities and gifts as those who are in the upper three-fourths of the class. The difference is often motivation, attendance, work habits, self-esteem and/or success in the classroom. The Strive Program is one way to address all of these factors.

The program is administered, supervised, and mentored through the efforts of members and families of the Glenwood Rotary Club in coordination with individuals from the school and community.  Mentors will be available to the students from among the membership of the Glenwood Rotary Club.  Each mentor may communicate with the students for the purpose of guidance, encouragement, progress reporting, and other assistance as requested by the student.
STRIVE Begins in the Fall
As students return in the fall, the school promotes the program to all eligible students of the senior class with invitations to consider the program.  A meeting with interested students will be held with a representative of the Strive Program joining the school advocate in encouraging the students to consider applying.  
STRIVE Meeting Schedule
The Glenwood Rotary Club sponsors the meeting activities for the Strive Program.  Meetings are generally scheduled on the second Thursday of each month.  The first meeting will be in October and is open to all eligible students.  The first meeting is a question and answer session conducted by the Strive Program director.  Meetings are held during the students lunch period and lunch is provided for the students.
STRIVE Scholarship Dollars
The Glenwood Rotary Club reserves funds in their annual budget to sponsor the Strive Scholarship Program.  The scholarship funds provide a one-time cash scholarship to the student upon proof of enrollment and satisfactory progress as agreed to by the student.   The club treasurer is in charge of disbursement of the funds.  Recipients must collect within 2 years of receiving their award.

Benefits of STRIVE
Strive is a way to make a difference in the performance of students. School leaders and teachers pointed to notable improvement in increased self-esteem, confidence, and motivation. Many students discovered that when they attended class and worked a little harder they had success in the classroom. Many also made the decision to go on to a post-secondary institution.

Statistically, 75-80% of those who made the commitment to Strive criteria improved their GPA. These students had a 91% attendance average. They knew that the school and the community were pulling with them and for them!
Awards Presentation
Recipients of the Strive Scholarship Awards will be recognized at the Strive Awards Ceremony at end of the school year.