Though we have cancelled all Rotary events through April, the United Way Food Drop needs our help more than ever!!!
The Rotary Club and the Lions Club are still scheduled for sponsoring (and helping with) the Food Drop on April 14th at Glenwood United Parish.
Due to COVID-19, the United Way is limiting who can volunteer.  You must meet the following criteria:
• You have NOT been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19
• You DO NOT have symptoms of respiratory disease/illness (fever, cough, muscle aches, sore throat and headache)
• You are UNDER 65
• You have NO underlying health conditions
• You have NOT travelled in the last 14 days
If you DO meet the criteria, please help!!!  The criteria eliminates a number of our members!  Here are the volunteer needs:
• 5 volunteers from 10am - 3pm to unload and repack food
• 2 volunteers from 2pm-6pm to check registration, release cars, and monitor individuals taking food (no loading required)
• 2 volunteers from 2pm-6pm to move food from inside to outside
I will also be connecting with the Lions Club to see if they have any eligible volunteers.
If you can help, please contact Jordan McMahon at or (320) 424-1533.
Thank you!
Service Above Self